Global Management Team

The largest hearing solution provider in Pakistan with 22 centres and team of 100 dedicated professionals


GMT hearing center team is working for the hearing, visual and speech impaired persons throughout Pakistan in its facilities by providing hearing aids, spectacles and speech therapy.


Hearing Service

Audiometery Test, Speech Audiometery Test, Visual Respond Audiometery Test, Tympanometery Test, BERA Test, etc.


Visual Service

Computerized Eye Testing with auto-ref machine, Trial Box (Eye Testing), Glass/optic fitting lab, All types of clinical optical solutions


Speech Therapy

Speech therapy and speech language pathology for hard of hearing persons and to the persons with speech impairment.

History Of GMT

Establishment of GMT is a result of the dream and strong commitment of its founder Mr Mubashir Aziz. Mr Mubashir Aziz was employed at Eastern Optical Co., Karachi. During his employment with Eastern Optical Co., he met with a large number of special persons who were unable to pay the expenses of Hearing Aids. The tears in the eyes of these special and needy people made the Mubashir Aziz too much restless.

He shared his idea with his friend Mr Jaffar Aziz who was his old colleague at eastern optical Co. and was in this field since 1994. In 2002, Mubashir Aziz quite the job and seriously started work on the idea to work for the Hearing Aids of needy special persons. Finally, In 2005 Mr Mubashir Aziz laid the foundation stone of GMT Hearing Aids Center in Gujranwala.

Hadith of Prophet (SAW)

Prophet Hazrat Muhammad( sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) said, “The best that a man can leave behind after his death are three things: a righteous child who makes du’a for him, an ongoing sadaqah whose rewards continue to reach him, and a knowledge that continues to be implemented after him.” [Ibn Majah, and others. Verified to be sahih by al-Mundhiri and al-Albani]”


To provide the services globally to convert the disabilities of person into their valuable abilities
To create a global management team that bridges the services gap and provide maximum facilities.
•To create the awareness about the impairments in public through free awareness campaigns.
•To establish centers for special persons
•To strive for real assessments and real recommendations
•To convert disabilities into valuable abilities
•To provide services and possible solutions for these impairments
•To arrange Assistive Devices
•To help special persons to live the normal life.
•To provide training to special persons and their parents/attendants.
•To prevent the causes of disabilities.
•To diagnose all type of impairments on right time
•After rehabilitation, provide vocational training to adults for their brighter future.
Mr. Sami Ullah ( Executive Director)
Mr. Jaffar Aziz ( Executive Director)
Mr. Mushtaq Ahmed Abbasi (Secretary)
Mr. Siraj ur Rehmn (Member)
Mr. Ammad ul Hassan (Member)
Mr. Rashid Mehmood (Member)

About Us

GMT hearing Center is a Pakistani based organization established in 2005. The purpose of the organization is to work for hearing, speech, physical and visual impairment. To achieve these objectives GMT develop a team of 100 committed medical and management professionals and established a network of GMT hearing  centers with latest facilities of computerized checkup at Countrywide. GMT has devoted, experience, well educated and trained a full time team of 100 members throughout the Pakistan. GMT team is working for the hearing, visual and speech impaired persons throughout Pakistan in its facilities by providing hearing aids, spectacles and speech therapy. The team members of GMT are dedicated and hardworking professionals having marked expertise in their respective fields of operations. The team is consisting of qualified Audiologist, speech therapist, P&O and optometrist in every facility having good knowledge of their respective field.

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